5 Reasons To Support Local: It's More Than A Catchphrase

5 Reasons To Support Local: It's More Than A Catchphrase
The phrase “support local” has a nice ring to it, but there’s a lot of substance behind that catchphrase. Supporting local businesses means supporting entrepreneurship, keeping money in your community, reducing pollution and traffic, and bolstering the fabric of your community.
Here are five reasons why we encourage you to shop local:
1. Shopping local is good for your economy.
When you shop local, you’re supporting a small business that’s far more likely to be working with other small, local businesses in their day-to-day operations. For every $100 spent at a local business, between $68 and $73 goes right back into the local economy. When you shop at Forth + Nomad, you’re supporting a business who works with local vendors (such as Eureka Heights Brewing Co. and Amaya Coffee!), as well as Houston-based architects, designers, construction companies, contractors, and … well, you get the picture.
2. Local businesses contribute to the fabric of the community.
When Forth + Nomad opened its doors in 2017, its mission wasn’t to serve Brooklyn, or Los Angeles, or Portland (even though we love those cities!). Our mission was to serve Houston and its thriving community. We designed, merchandised and curated our store with the Houston Heights community in-mind. Our store isn’t cookie cutter; everything is hand-selected based on what we think our local creators and consumers will love
3. If you want to go green, shop local.
Our makers aren’t bringing in their goods in 18-wheelers. When you shop at Forth + Nomad, you’re supporting a business that keeps its environmental impact to a minimum. Dozens of our makers deliver their goods by bike, by foot, or by hopping in their cars and driving from a nearby neighborhood. You’re also supporting a business with minimal packaging and processing waste
4. Local businesses create local jobs.
Over the past 55 years, more than 65 percent of new jobs have come from small businesses. At Forth + Nomad, we hire people who are passionate about Houston, art, education, and growing the city’s creative community. We create meaningful jobs that truly have a positive impact on the community.
5. When you shop local, you support entrepreneurs.
This one may seem self-explanatory, but every purchase made at Forth + Nomad supports an artist who makes their living on creating high-quality goods. Whether you’re supporting the husband and wife duo who create fine leather accessories, the two sisters who design and craft eclectic jewelry, or the new mom who paints and creates one-of-a-kind mixed-media masterpieces, shopping at Forth + Nomad helps artists maintain their livelihood.
Here’s one more reason to shop local: when you come visit us at Forth + Nomad, we’ll offer you a complimentary Eureka Heights beer or a cup of Amaya coffee. Cheers!
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