Why Buy Handmade Ceramics?

Why Buy Handmade Ceramics?

They’re peaceful, charming and totally unique. They’re growing more popular by the minute, and you see them in the trendiest homes and restaurants. Are ceramics worth getting into, though? The short answer: yes. The honest answer: yes, yes, YES!

Here are five reasons you should consider making ceramics a part of your home and routine. 

  1. Ceramic mugs keep beverages warmer and don’t impact a beverage’s flavor (at all). Consider the facts: Ceramic mugs retain heat more effectively than glass mugs, which means your hot beverage stays hotter longer in a ceramic mug. And when tested between glass, stainless steel and plastic vessels, ceramic mugs were found to have the least impact on a beverage’s flavor. In fact, ceramic mugs have been found to have absolutely zero impact on a beverage’s flavor, which seems to make it a no-brainer for us.
  2. Ceramics tell a story that mass-produced goods just don’t. Take it from Tim McKeough from The New York Times, who wrote in 2015 that “we want to know where our free-range eggs come from, and where our coffee beans are grown and roasted. We also want the vessels we use to consume those things to embody a deeper story about craftsmanship and creativity.” Robert Sullivan, a contributing editor at Vogue, referred to ceramics’ warmth, uniqueness and personal charm as “an antidote to all the electronics.”

    Simply put, ceramics harken back to a time of handmade goods. In a world that’s increasingly plugged-in, ceramics help you tune the noise out.
  1. Ceramics are eco-friendly. Ceramics are lighter than glass, which means shipping a ceramic good is more energy-efficient than shipping a glass good. That might seem inconsequential, but consider this: if more consumers shifted toward buying ceramics than buying glass, the amount of energy saved would be hugely significant.
  1. Using ceramics in your day-to-day life is easier than you might think. While ceramics harken to a time before technology, they’re extremely well-equipped for our tech-heavy worlds (and kitchens). The vast majority of ceramic goods are dishwasher safe and are extremely durable when compared to their glass counterparts, so they’ll last longer & be less susceptible to chipping or breaking. 
  1. By buying ceramics, you’re supporting one of the fastest-growing maker communities. Professionals from design-oriented industries, such as architecture, interior design, and furniture manufacturing, are being increasingly drawn to the world of ceramics, reports The New York Times.

    Here’s a more important question, though: Why is ceramics becoming such a huge part of the maker community? Simple. Ceramic products are affordable, long-lasting and tell unique stories. Every ceramics vase, vessel, mug, clock or home good adds a calm, earthen aesthetic to your home.

Next time you’re considering buying ceramics, remember this: ceramics work better than glass, are more durable than glass, are environmentally friendly and bring characteristic charm to one’s home.

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