Esmeralda Ring
Esmeralda Ring

Claire Sommers Buck

Esmeralda Ring


For thousands of years, emeralds have been mined and considered one of the world's most valuable jewels. The first ever recorded emeralds date back to ancient Egypt, where they were particularly admired by Queen Cleopatra. In addition to their aesthetic value, emeralds were highly valued in ancient times because they were believed to increase intelligence, protect marriages, ease childbirth, and thought to enable its possessor the power of predicting future events.

The Esmeralda Ring or 'Emerald' Ring is a beautiful homage to Colombia, home to the world's most striking emeralds.

  • Oxidized brass, sterling silver & 14k gold-fill
  • 4mm simulated emerald gemstone
  • 5/8” wide at top, tapered towards back for comfort
  • Designed & handmade in Austin, TX