Forth and Nomad is an outpost for the craftsman and creative. Founded on the idea that the story and people behind every product is as significant as the craft itself, we provide a platform for the artist to tell their story and connect with the consumer. We aim to create an experience for the consumer that gives them the opportunity to feel and perceive the value of high quality, handcrafted goods. Our local brands and makers create a wide variety of products - everything from one-of-a-kind instruments to leather bags to artistically-made home goods. Forth and Nomad is not just a brick and mortar shop, but a network of local artisans and consumers whose goal is to give life to the next generation of craftsman. 


For makers, we offer a competitive profit-sharing model and valuable business analytics to our vendors so that they can continue to do what they do best. For our customers, we provide a unique retail experience while promoting the next generation of craftsman.