Speckle Tumbler | Guten Co.
Speckle Tumbler | Guten Co.
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Speckle Tumbler | Guten Co.

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You know what’s missing among tumblers? A matte finish that reminds you of cookies ‘n cream. Guten Co.’s speckle tumbler is gorgeously finished in milky white with charcoal accents. These tumblers are the perfect piece to display in your kitchen, use for mixing and baking or use as eclectic serving vessels.

- slip-cast porcelain

- height: 6 in.  rim: 4 in.  

- made in the USA by Guten Co. 

 Quality & Care: This piece is dishwasher safe and withstands daily use beautifully with just a few stipulations — it should not be placed over direct heat, heated to over 300 degrees, or shocked from one temperature to another.